Google is pushing YouTube as fast as they can to the legal track, and working hard to pre-empt lawsuits. One of their recent tactics has been offering companies millions of dollars upfront for the rights to use and distribute their material using YouTube. A bit different from licensing, it's just a huge lump sum to get the green thumb. Considering these companies aren't making money off YouTube as it is, it seems like a win win to many:

The discussions are said to be focusing on how media companies can best leverage the social-networking aspect of YouTube to get more viewers for their content without losing the money that would be generated from advertising. Google could offer lump-sum payments as well as long-term revenue sharing from advertising.
With many big companies settling or going into open partnerships with Google, there is very little reason for other media companies to have any reason to stay bitter with Google. Despite all the doubts many have cast over YouTube's future, Google seems to be handling it well.