With the rise of the nForce and Intel's stock offerings of chipsets, Via has seen very little share in the market for Intel boards lately. Combined with ATI and AMD coupling, there will be even less room on the other side of the fence for Via. Despite this, they are continuing to develop chipsets for newer Intel processors, and may just have a good opportunity to fill an area of the market that will dry up once ATI ceases producing Intel chipsets. This is good news for them, especially since even fewer motherboard manufacturers are picking up their chips:

The Taiwanese largest developer of chipsets unveiled its latest Intel-compatible core-logic Via PT890 back in April, 2006. While the new set of chips supports Intel Pentium 4, Intel Pentium D and Intel Core 2 Duo processors, mainboard makers have so far been reluctant in adopting the core-logic, partly due to the fact that its technical specifications are outdated: it supports only single-channel memory and does not support Serial ATA-300.
nForce has become de-facto for high performance, and it will be hard to get businesses to sway from the chipsets that Intel provides. Via has an uphill battle ahead of them for sure. They may soon seek licensing for 1333MHz FSB products.