What happens when you take the newest OS from Microsoft and combine it with their long awaited highly-functional Zune media player? Nothing, apparently. Whether due to Media Player 11, the nature of Vista or perhaps other reasons unknown, it seems that Microsoft's newest toy, the Zune, is incompatible with Windows Vista:

Buried in the Zune website, Microsoft admits that the player is not compatible with Vista and gives no information as to when it will introduce a patch or update enabling the player to do so. Instead, users are asked to "check back soon for updates".
Now, to its credit, the Zune has already won many people over. It's functionality is quite extraordinary and the device shows a lot of promise. But how is it possible that a company with such a vast R&D team is unable to make their two biggest products in four years work together? Granted, the Zune was only released in the past day. Even more granted, Vista is not even released. But it's not like they are unavailable to developers, or the public in general. Will Vista be ready for the Zune on release? Not likely, since it has already gone final. Of course, Microsoft will fix it – it's in their absolute best interest to. Nevertheless, it's quite humorous.