In a press release issued today, OCZ announced the launch of a new line performance RAM aimed at system builders. The "System Elite Memory Series" as it is called come in 1GB or 2GB kits at speeds from DDR2-533 to DDR2-800. The modules are designed specifically to combine high performance and high reliability. Typically for system builders, the choice is one or the other. High reliability and low performance, or vice versa. While it probably comes at a premium, this line seeks to offer both, and is guaranteeing compatibility with both AMD and Intel platforms.

"OCZ is proud to bring a series of new modules designed to address the specific stability, compatibility, and performance requirements for System Integrators," said Alex Mei, VP of Marketing, OCZ Technology. "This new range of memory is designed to give System Builders a solution that is optimized for system stability and compatibility on the most popular Intel and AMD based platforms chosen for high performance builds."
As usual, the modules will come with a lifetime warranty. You can read the full press release below or at OCZ's site.