As an addition to the stories floating around regarding the recent attack and profile pulldown that soon followed it up, MySpace has gotten somewhat irritated with Apple. They are pointing the finger at QuickTime and asking Apple to patch the flaw that contributed to the mess. Typically, a big company will not point the finger at another – especially if they rely on that company's software. Then again, MySpace isn't your typical company:

"When we learned about an issue that exploits a feature in QuickTime and unfortunately targets MySpace users, we immediately contacted Apple to engineer a fix," Hemanshu Nigam, chief security officer at MySpace, said in an e-mail statement Tuesday.
A host of temporary workarounds aside, it's hard to blame Apple for the problem. Even though they were aware of it, MySpace had plenty of time to temporarily disable or block usage of inline videos to protect against this flaw. Apple did provide MySpace with temporary fixes, including URL filtering, not all of which have been applied. However, profiles should be protected from the attack at this moment.