Open source organization Mozilla has always relied primarily in word of mouth advertising. Well, that’s about to change pretty soon thanks to Firefox fans who are helping sponsor airtime to run ads created by the Firefox community submitted through Mozilla’s Firefox Flicks.

“The Firefox community has rallied around this project by creating some amazing videos and is now helping sponsor four of these clips on primetime TV,” said Asa Dotzler, Mozilla’s director of community development. “We’ll be able to reach millions of people who may not yet realize how their Web browser can affect their online experience.”

The selected videos to air include “Billy’s Browser,” “Web for All,” “Daredevil” and “This Is Hot”. These are not available for viewing yet although there’s an entry in Flick’s Backstage that promises as-seen-on-TV version soon. They have also posted a partial schedule of times, dates and channels the commercials will be airing.