Sony and SanDisk aren't the only ones getting ready to offer very high capacity memory cards. Corsair has now announced the availability of a 16GB flash drive, dubbed the Flash Voyager. Voyager doesn't offer the same level of performance that the next gen cards from SanDisk will offer, but is here now and still has fairly decent specs of 22MB/sec read and 7MB/sec write. For the relatively low cost of $300, the 16GB stick is tiny enough to put on a keychain or stuff in your pocket, and has an absolutely immense amount of space compared to just about anything else on the market.

The device also comes with integrated ECC to supposedly increase reliability and comes with software that does encryption. Interesting stuff, for sure. Flash has made some huge leaps the past few years, and are beginning to rival magnetic media as ideal for large capacity mobile applications. You can read the official press release at Corsair's site