What's the price someone will pay for unleashing a piece of malicious software on a bank that would trash files on every server it could? 8 years in prison for one man, who formerly worked for UBS Paine Webber. Roger Duronio made headlines a few years ago when he unleased a logic bomb after becoming upset with his bonus being smaller than expected, causing considerable damage to the bank's systems. With figures as high as $3.1 Million listed that Duronio will have to recompensate the bank for and an eight year prison sentence, his misguided attempt at getting revenge backfired to the extreme degree. White collar computer crime used to be something people rarely saw more than a few months to a few years for, but as increased awareness and increased vulnerability is made possible, people are depending more and more on systems to be secure.

Interestingly enough, he was 64 years old, only one year away from the typical retirement age in the U.S.