If you remember a few weeks back, there was a big scare regarding worms propagating via MySpace. In particular, Samy Kamkar had used the site to launch a worm attack that attempted to spread itself into many other profiles by infecting peoples machines. MySpace helped with the prosecution of this fellow and has issued a press released regarding the events. The release includes details as to the outcome, and what Mr. Kamkar faces:

Samy Kamkar (aka 'Samy is my Hero') plead guilty yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court to a violation of Penal Code section 502(c)(8) as a felony and was placed on three years of formal probation, ordered to perform 90 days of community service, pay restitution to MySpace, and had computer restrictions placed on the manner and means he could use a computer - he can only use a computer and access the internet for work related reasons.

Considering the rather draconian sentencing we've seen for some more serious computer crimes in the past five years, he seems to have gotten off lightly. You can read the full press release in the comments section.