Be it from a serious lack of patience or a life-and-death need to play games, it seems that some Nvidia users are so irked at the lack of stable drivers for Vista that they are threatening to sue. Citing the “Vista Ready” label as being misleading, several of these people are talking about bringing a class action suit against the company, due to the various issues that the current wave of drivers have, particularly the flagship 8800 series cards. Some have gone so far as to form a website around it:

Nathan feels that Nvidia should face some penalties because customers are losing money by buying a card that doesn't work fully or even crashes under Vista. To bolster his claims, Nathan hashed together his website and is now asking for people to post retail box pictures and screen captures of websites promising Vista compatibility. The website was set up in less than half an hour and according to Nathan was done on the "spur of the moment".
Interestingly enough, the same person also promised to drop the issue if Nvidia apologized and gave a a firm release date for working drivers – as well as throw free goodies his way.

It's easy to see it from their point of view – Nvidia has had a long time and ample access to Vista for driver development. On the other hand, given the veritable horde of different hardware and software configurations and Vista's very recent emergence into the market (just a week now), are these people taking it too far? Nvidia has not yet commented on the situation.