While many companies have been working hard the last year to port their applications to Vista and ensure compatibility, one particularly big company has not, it seems. That company is Apple. An interesting article over at ITWorld outlines a slew of programs from Apple that are simply non-functional or broken in Vista.

Some of the listed programs are QuickTime, Bonjour, AirPort, iDisk, AppleWorks and the iPod updater. A few years ago, it wouldn't have been that big of a deal – but the launch of the iPod and the increasing popularity of Macs for desktops has seen many people that are blending Apple and Microsoft products, so this is probably affecting quite a few people. Apple has warned PC users to hold off on a Vista upgrade for now if they rely on those programs. We heard just last week about the problems iTunes was having on Vista. Neither Apple or Microsoft is giving dates as to when fixes are expected.