The 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona has got all major players showing off their latest products, and not surprisingly this also applies to companies we are more used to see leading the PC industry. Just as AMD/ATI announced their new line of media processors for mobile devices, Nvidia fired back announcing their strategy to target the same market. Built to support intensive multimedia codecs as well as a high quality audio subsystem, integrated WiFi, and USB 2.0, the new GoForce 6100 boasts of low power consumption, looking good on paper.

"Nvidia is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the explosion that this market is about to experience with regards to dramatic changes in how we use, interact and share multimedia content on handheld devices," said Michael Rayfield, general manager, handheld business unit at Nvidia. "... as the mobile phone evolves into our most personal of computers, there has never been a better time for us to enter this exciting new space and enable our customers to deliver on the expectations of the market."

One thing is for sure, everyone seems to think handhelds turned PCs will be the next big thing, and all the hype has major companies putting a lot of effort (and money) into next-gen devices. Take this as a clear statement that neither Nvidia nor ATI wants to afford the cost of a missed opportunity.