UK citizens who subscribe to Virgin are in for a bit of treat, as the company has decide to expand their services and offer 20Mbit service to their customers. Doubling their current maximum offerings of 10Mbit, and currently working with a trial 50Mbit service, they are offering these incredibly fast speeds to further compete with ADSL2+ lines, which are now offering up to 16Mbit. Virgin was happy with the success of 10Mbit offerings and feels confident that they actually can provide those speeds:

The statement continued, 'Customers can receive consistent speeds and a top speed of 10Mbit is available throughout our broadband addressable areas. We will be increasing this to 20Mbit in June and we are also currently conducting a residential trial of a 50Mbit broadband service.'
These speeds seem incredible to us, yet at the same time many countries are offering 100Mbit connections at home. Of course, numerous factors play in to that, such as when the technologies were first deployed. In the U.S., most broadband lines are much slower than this, with some cable providers only recently offering bursts to 20Mbit or higher.