More 360 news today, Microsoft has silently released a software update for the console that patches a security vulnerability. While the last thing on my mind is whether or not my Xbox will become the target of a hacker, next-gen consoles are certainly more sophisticated than older ones and are more likely to have this happen. In contrast to usual Microsoft behavior, the fix was created quickly (back in January), but wasn't released until now. Likely, they may have been fearful of accidentally bricking a console, which Sony has had more than ample experience with in the PSP. Most flaws in the 360 have been used in a white hat fashion, to experiment with installing 3rd party operating systems or software, rather than to attack anyone.

The update would have been automatically installed if you're using Xbox Live, but you can also retrieve it yourself via the web if your console isn't connected. Of course, if you're a modder, odds are you will want to hold off installing the update.