ASUS is preparing to release a new series of sound cards, which they demonstrated at CeBIT last week. ASUS's new Xonar series cards will be PCIe based and feature 7.1 channel analog outputs on top of digital outputs such as DTS Connect. It boasts high signal-to-noise ratios, important for sound and recording quality, and for the most part looks to be a standup audio card that looks like it would fit well in media center environments:

ASUS also touts Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Virtual Headphone technologies for multi-channel upconverting and surround sound with stereo speakers and headphones. ASUS rates the Xonar-series with an 118dB playback and 115dB recording signal-to-noise ratios. The upcoming Xonar-series sound cards support 24-bit/192 KHz playback and recording resolutions and ASIO 2.0 as well.
It supposedly is somewhat EMI shielded as well, which can have an impact on sound quality and noise on the line. Pricing and availability isn't mentioned as of yet.