If you are a Firefox user you will be interested to know that Mozilla presented today a newly revamped add-ons website. The update hopes to make it easier for users to find and install Firefox add-ons. Some of the new features include user reviews and ratings, improved search, a wider range of languages supported, and tools for developers.

Add-ons have played such an important role in Firefox's success as users have found customizing the browser to suit their needs and desires for features does improve the browsing experience. There are literally hundreds of little gadgets and modifications you can try. If you have not wondered into the add-on world, this is a great opportunity to get started.

In our Firefox 2 Tweak Guide you can find a list of TS' Staff recommended add-ons.

This new Web site helps encourage and manage the development of more great add-ons for Firefox, and enables users to customize their browsing experience to make Firefox their own," said Mike Shaver, director, ecosystem development, Mozilla. "The skills and knowledge of the Mozilla developer community will now be applied to the development, testing and support of add-ons. That means better add-ons for users, and more ways for businesses and organizations to integrate their services into Firefox.