Gaming on Linux has been one of the last major arenas in which it has continued to lag behind Windows. The past few years has seem remarkable advances in it, however, with increased vendor support and powerful emulation utilities. Transgaming, who without a doubt has created most robust tool in running modern games on Linux, today released Cedega 6.0. If you've never used it or the software it originally branched from, Wine, they are suites that natively wrap software written for Windows to run in Linux. Cedega 6.0 brings many long-requested features, such as better DirectX 9 support, Shader Model 2.0, better ALSA support and support for many new game titles. If you're a Transgaming subscriber, you can download and install 6.0 now.

Cedega isn't free, requiring a monthly subscription to continue to receive updates. It is routinely updated, however, to bring support for newer titles or fix issues in existing ones.