ATI users everywhere, whether you are using Windows or Linux, be happy for a new driverset has been released for both platforms. Today, the Catalyst 7.4 series package was released, updating the driver version to 8.36. The Catalyst 7.4 package doesn't support the X1600 Pro and HDMI, so don't snag it if you are using that particular setup. In Windows Vista and Windows XP, various performance improvements have been given, such as 15% to 30% boosts in OpenGL under Vista. Many bugfixes were included as well for various games. You can read the release notes from AMD's site.

On the Linux end, driver package 8.36.5 has been released, with the installer weighing in at a hefty 50.8MB. The new package includes an updated version of the Catalyst Control Center, which was recently ported to Linux. Full support for the 2.6.20 kernel is also included, a boon to those who game and stick to the newest kernel releases. Only a single bugfix was posted, with AGP cards ceasing to respond when switching between X and a console. You can download it from AMD's site as well.