Keeping their momentum for the year up, Nintendo is celebrating the Wii as it continues to outsell other consoles. While in sheer numbers the Xbox 360 still has a gigantic lead, the Wii came in first place for March sales of new consoles, and so far maintains the lead for new consoles sold during 2007. In March, around 259,000 Wiis were shipped, with the Xbox 360 in second at 199,000 and the PS3 in third at 130,000. However, much to Sony's delight, the PS2 outsold all three of the new consoles with 280,000 sold

Still, Sony can't be pleased with the PS3s performance. Worldwide, the PS3 trails the Wii by more than half and the Xbox 360 by more than a third, claiming only 14% of total sales compared to the other two. Some believe Sony will begin to implement price cuts to help push the PS3 faster, though as long as they manufacture it at a loss it will be difficult for them to do.