The ongoing (and probably never-ending) battle between Microsoft and the EU is seeing more action, with Microsoft responding to the latest EU allegations. In particular, the latest complaints were surrounding the cost Microsoft charges for getting development information about Windows, so that competitors can create 3rd-party software. Microsoft is asking to EU to tell them what a "fair price" would be. They claim their prices are fair, and that the EU hasn't given them any direction or guidance on what should be done:

"We need greater clarity on what prices the (European) Commission wants us to charge, and we believe that is more likely to come from a constructive conversation than from a formal hearing," said Brad Smith, Microsoft's general counsel.
They are also asserting that compared to the rest of the world, the EU is singling out Microsoft and giving them unfair treatment. Unfair treatment which, they claim, hurts Europe in the long run when it comes to keeping pace with the rest of the world.