Intel is bringing some hefty price cuts to the table, on both their server CPUs and their desktop CPUs. The price reductions aren't meager, either, with the biggest cuts ranging from the 35 to 40% range. The Xeon X3220, X3210, and 3070 will all receive 38% or higher cuts. The Core 2 Quad Q6600, formerly at $851, received a whopping 38% reduction and is now down to $530. The E6700 saw the same, going from $530 to $316.

Even the entry-level saw cuts, with the Pentium Ds dropping. The Pentium D 935 is now a mere $84, making it only $10 more than the low-end P4 D 820. You can see the full price cut list for more details. With cuts this large, it makes the Core 2 look much more attractive as an upgrade path.