AMD is giving their Turion 64 X2 line a boost, introducing five new faster-clocked processors based on a 65nm process. The Turion line will add the TL-56, TL-58, TL-60 and TL-62. Each is a dual core chip, starting at 1.8GHz and topping out at 2.3GHz, each with 1MB of L2 cache. The pricing on the units ranges from $154 to $354, and are designed around Socket S1. The Turion has seen a lot of increased popularity, though it still is waning in light of Core 2 and the newer Intel mobiles. The TDP on these chips hasn't been made available, though the older models had a TDP of 31W to 33W. Hopefully, the TDP for these will be lower, as that isn't anything to be impressed by at this point.

These units will start being available at the end of this month.