There's an excellent short interview with AMD's CTO over at HardOCP. Primarily, they spoke about AMD's new architecture, but also delved briefly into ATI. What exactly can we expect from AMD's upcoming Bareclona core? Besides finally having a true quad core CPU and platforms easily able to give us 8 cores on a desktop board, AMD has made some very big claims about the performance it will bring. While we still cannot see real figures, we're getting quite a few sneak peaks. Obviously, AMD is trying to breed interest in their upcoming CPUs. With the success of Core 2, you can't blame them.

One thing did stand out, however, and that is the upgrade paths. As the article brings out, while 939 board owners are out of luck, AM2 owners should be able to just put a new CPU in place - no board replacement required. This is a welcome change from the past few years which saw many new CPUs come out, completely incompatible with the most popular boards. It's definitely worth a read.