While many have been saying the same for some time now, Google has officially admitted that is going into competition with Microsoft on the software market through their portfolio of online office applications. In a shareholders meeting yesterday CEO Eric Schmidt said that Google's new tagline will be "Search, Ads and Apps."

"The idea here is to talk about this shift to an online lifestyle," Schmidt said speaking about Google's plan to focus on software and hosted applications. "People are spending more and more time and Google can bring some of these new applications that really matter to them."
I have used Google Apps before, and I admit I've been impressed about the development of such services and the convenience of having my documents online, however, I don't think I'll dish out my desktop office suit in favor of a web-based one yet. Coincidentally our current poll in Techspot.com asks your position on web-based office suites, while I'm writing this post 38.5% of you have claimed to already be using one of these services, be sure to take a minute to vote!