Top-end notebooks with dual core CPUs and multiple HDDs may be what glitters, but the bread and butter for many is entry-level. With the introduction of Santa Rosa, many have been waiting for what will be the first set of entry-level laptops around this new design. HP has now introduced theirs, with two models at a mere $549 and a modest $699. The HP 530 series includes the GH635AT and GH640AT. Both sport an 80GB 5400RPM HDD, a WXGA 15.4" screen, Windows Vista Home Basic and 512MB of DDR2-667. The more expensive 640AT also features A wireless on top of B/G, a faster CPU and a dual-layer DVD burner. The units can be upgraded, for up to 2GB of RAM.

The units are already available through HP. You certainly won't be gaming on these guys, which are using the stock Intel integrated GPU, but for a low cost notebook the specs are respectable enough.