Intel recently announced the Core 2 Extreme processor, a new gaming-focused CPU for high-performance mobile computers to be available in the second half of 2007. Two new chips will reportedly be available in September, the Intel Core 2 Extreme X7800 and X7900 with 2.60GHz and 2.80GHz clock-speeds respectively, 4MB cache, 800MHz processor system bus (PSB), and will feature Enhanced Dynamic Acceleration technology which allows to shut down one of the cores when it is not needed, while pushing up frequency of the other one.

The advantage for gamers is that many titles still aren't properly written for dual-core operation; in this situation a single brute-force, high-frequency core gives better performance. So when the second core is idle, the dynamic acceleration feature can increase clock speed.

Higher frequencies mean higher power consumption - something that it's vital for a laptop to keep under control so that heat build-up doesn't become a problem. But since the second core is idle it can shut down, which keeps the total power consumption of the CPU within its specified power envelope.
The new chips are aimed at a niche market; Intel will not introduce any more Core 2 Extreme processors with two cores for desktops but will produce higher-speed quad-core chips for gamers and workstation users.