Today at Google's Searchology press event the VP of search product and user experience, Marissa Mayer, announced a new feature called 'Universal Search' bringing together Books, Local search, Images, News, Video, and Web results together in a same page.

If you do a search for "Nosferatu" in Google Universal Search, the second result is a video. Actually, it's a Google Video of the entire darn movie, and you can watch it right in the search results. She's announcing that other video sites beyond Google Video and YouTube will get indexed, such as MetaCafe.
Personally I don't like all-in-one search results; I rather do a specific search for whatever kind of information I'm looking for whether it is a webpage, image or video. However, Google has proven to be good at creating clean and usable interfaces so we'll have to wait and see what Google Universal Search has to offer. According to Meyer the new feature will be available today.