Kingston is revealing a new line of DDR2 modules centered around extremely low latencies. These new HyperX modules will operate at DDR2-800, with timings at 3-3-3-10. in comparison, an example performance module from about two years ago was often at 4-4-4-12. Kingston's new RAM definitely has the potential to bring performance boosts, but it comes at the cost of power draw: These units require a substantial boost in voltage, which many manufacturers have been resorting to, to operate at these settings. The modules need to be as high as 2.35V to remain stable, far above the DDR2 reference voltage of 1.8V.

DDR2 has matured nicely the past year, giving us a wide choice of very high-speed options with decent latencies. Now, manufacturers are having to push it to the limit, competing for the niche market of maximum performance. Since the underlying technology hasn't changed drastically, more and more manufacturers are willing to overclock their units to give them that extra edge.