Once again, supporters of Internet radio have headed to the courts and are pleading for an emergency stay of the new royalty rates. The increase in royalty rates, which have been delayed several times now, threaten to severely harm or shut down many smaller Internet radio sites. SaveNetRadio, one of the bigger groups fighting against the rate increases, is working to stop the increase from happening at all:

The SaveNetRadio Coalition, whose members include prominent Net radio operators RealNetworks, Yahoo, Pandora and Live365, said it hoped the move will allow Congress more time to act on two similar proposals that would reverse the royalty rate increases.
The controversy over the rate increases has gotten increased attention over the past few months. Recently, Government backing for SaveNetRadio was seen, following a decision to delay the increase by two months earlier this year. Time marches on, however, and no matter how much you push back a deadline it'll still eventually catch up to you.

Many companies are opposed to the rate increases, including members of the SaveNetRadio group such as RealNetworks, Yahoo, Pandora and Live365, all of which maintain Internet radio stations.