Today at the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote in San Francisco, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs announced that it would make its Safari Web browser available for Windows users, aiming to gain share in the market against Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and Mozilla's Firefox.

"We would love to grow Safari's market share," said Jobs. "But how are we going to do that? To do that, we're going to have to create a version of Safari that runs on windows ... and that's exactly what we have done."
Most importantly, with the Windows version of Safari Apple wants to encourage developers to use modern internet software standards to make applications compatible with the iPhone's embedded Safari browser, which will go on sale June 29.

The Windows public beta of Safari 3 is available at our Downloads section; it runs on either Windows XP or Windows Vista, and according to Apple it can render websites twice as fast as Internet Explorer. The browser is still in beta version, and if you're a Firefox user you'll probably start missing your favorite plug-ins right away. Still it is definitely worth a try.