Computex 2007 has ended, and now we can all eagerly await the many new technologies and devices we saw unveiled there. From console manufacturers to motherboards to processors, there's a whole lot in store for this year and next. There's a great wrap up of some of the more interesting products, including some that weren't made all that public. MSI has several interesting gadgets around the corner, such as external PCI Express adapters for notebooks. This would be very useful for, say, a more modular machine that could give longer battery life while also giving the option of extreme graphics performance:

Many enthusiasts want high end graphics with their notebooks but don't want to give up form factor or battery life, and MSI's Luxium fills this void, it gives these users the high end graphics they crave as they want it.
The wrap up also covers some of Asus's upcoming products, like their newer Xonar audio units. One of the most interesting units that I think didn't get enough attention was Via's OQO, which is more or less a shrunk down laptop. Since Via is already well known for low-power products, it's nice to see them targeting the mobile market more as opposed to just hobbyists:

The OQO Model 02 really is a fully functional PC that fits right into your pocket, and using it gives a glimpse at the future of mobile computing. Not only is the full internet available, but so are all Windows based applications. The OQO Model 02 even supports Windows Vista.
If you haven't read much Computex coverage, this is a good piece to see some of what is in store for the next few years.