For you Radeon owners, AMD has published new drivers for your video cards. They have made the next iteration of the Catalyst series drives now available, for Windows and Linux. The Catalyst 7.6 driver package was released today for all modern versions of Windows. The updated driver is available for Windows XP 32bit and 64bit, Media Center edition, Windows Vista 32bit and Windows Vista 64bit.

This includes support for all newer Radeons, including the 2900 series. Among the improvements for this set include performance enhancements for some games, with figures of 16% listed for HDR supporting games. They fixed issues with certain resolutions not being available on Vista with CRT monitors and posted a laundry list of various other bug fixes, which you can see in the release notes on the driver download page.

On the Linux side, AMD has released the 8.38.6 driver package, which brings support for RHEL5 and works fully with Xorg 7.2. However, there are still issues with the Composite extension, as there has been for some time.