Solid state disks are still very uncommon, but are a very cool technology to watch emerge. We've seen scarce few products released with SSD options, with most of them so far being notebooks. Fujitsu is getting ready to add more to the list, with the introduction of a new tablet that will feature a SSD.

The FMV-T8140 will have, aside from a Core 2 Duo U7500 and a gig of ram, a variety of options for the internal hard drive. The options will include a 16GB or a 32GB solid state disk, on top of standard HDD options. All aside it seems to be a fairly standard tablet, though the quoted battery life figures are very high, as high as 11.3 hours with an extended battery. How much of that relates to having a SSD isn't made clear, nor is how much choosing between a traditional disk or SSD will have an impact on price.

I expected over the next year we will see a large influx in the number of devices offering SSD options.