Officials from French publisher and developer Ubisoft have apologized to Rainbow Six: Vegas fans that ended up paying 800 Microsoft Points or $10, for the Black Pack downloadable content for the Xbox 360, which adds five new multiplayer maps and is already included in the PlayStation 3 version.

The downloadable pack, obviously, was not well-received by the community. Fortunately, Ubisoft was quick to issue a statement to various Xbox Live blogs, stating that the pack was meant to be free and is ready to offer a reimbursement:

‘Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Black Pack Downloadable Content for Xbox 360 Live was originally intended to be free content for the fans of Rainbow Six Vegas. We apologize for the error. All players who purchased the Black Pack will be reimbursed automatically (within eight to ten weeks).’
The Black Pack was reposted on Saturday as a free download. Additionally, an earlier Red Pack, which also was priced at $10, will be available for free on July 6.