Yesterday, OCZ introduced some new kits that are aimed at people wanting to buy huge amounts of ram. Given that many enthusiasts want to buy guaranteed matching sticks, but can't usually get a guaranteed 4 matching sticks, OCZ has responded by expanding their lineup to include 4x1024MB DDR2 kits. Both in their Platinum line and Gold line, they are making 4GB kits with 1GB sticks available at PC2-6400 speeds.

The newer kits come with just about everything else you'd expect from OCZ, including low latencies. As far as innovation, however, they aren't much different from their existing PC2-6400 offerings - other than you get their guarantee it works in a quad configuration.

As programs continue to demand more and more memory (we're looking at you, Vista), it is inevitable that desktop machines will have more ram on average. Particularly when it comes to games, an exponentially greater amount of RAM is being demanded, and thus systems with even 2GB aren't enough to satisfy the highest level of enthusiasts. While a modern desktop might be able to get by with a mere 512MB using Windows XP, many modern games such as Battlefield 2142 can easily make use of RAM capacities higher than 4GB. You can read more about OCZ's kits in their press release

For a 32bit operating system, however, there is still that fundamental 4GB limitation. Beyond this, and a 64bit OS is going to end up being required for most configurations.