While DDR3 is still extremely new to the market, early-adopters and enthusiasts will be happy to see that many manufacturers are already rolling out their products. Today, Kingston Technology announced its ultra low-latency, DDR3 HyperX memory modules, capable of speeds up to 1375 MHz.

"Our new HyperX DDR3 ultra low-latency modules give early adopters and performance enthusiasts the opportunity to push their DDR3 motherboards as far as current memory technology will allow," said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager, Kingston. "With new chipsets on the horizon, Kingston is positioning HyperX to be the go-to memory for all DDR3 needs--for gaming and mainstream systems."
Kingston claims the new memory modules are the first to achieve CAS latency of 5 at PC11000 frequencies (1375MHz), delivering better performance without the need for extra cooling in a system. The new ultra low-latency HyperX will begin shipping in 1GB modules or a 2x1GB kit for dual-channel at about $400 and $800, respectively.