French web monitoring service XiTiMonitor has just released its latest report on web browsers utilization showing that the Mozilla Foundation’s browser Firefox is making some remarkable gains against Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in Europe.

According to the study, conducted between nearly 96,000 websites and carried out during the week of July 2 to July 8, Firefox has reached a 27.8 percent market share across Eastern and Western Europe, a 3.7 percent rise since a similar survey in March. Internet Explorer still owns the largest portion of the European browser market share at 66.5 percent, however, in some countries such as Slovenia (47.9%) and Finland (45.4%) Firefox usage is equivalent to that of IE, while in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Ireland it has either reached or is nearly at 40 percent market share.

At a global level, according to a recent report by W3Counters, Firefox adoption has also continued to grow, with all Firefox versions currently accounting for about 25 percent of the global browser market share.

A separate survey from XiTiMonitor also noted that only about one third of IE users have adopted IE7 compared to 85 percent of Firefox users who have adopted the latest version of the browser.