A week after Yahoo snagged another ad company, RightMedia, Yahoo has again looked for more ways to combat Google and Microsoft. Now, they've gotten themselves a very large share in a small company called Tyroo, whose focus is small and “business-centric”.

While another acquisition isn't all that interesting, I did find it interesting that Tyroo caters to companies that seek online advertisement but don't have a website:

Interestingly enough, advertisers can run both graphical and text-based ads on the Tyroo network even if they don't have a web site - still a bit of luxury for subcontinent small businesses. Ads can drive consumers back to advertisers via email or SMS.
That is, while obvious, something that is plainly clever. Not all businesses require an online presence, but may still want to use the Internet as an advertising medium. Considering the financial difficulties Yahoo has faced the past year, it is surprising they are so gung-ho about snagging up other services. Taking the Google approach with buying everything you can see might work – if you are Google. Does Yahoo have something planned?