Via's popular ITX series boards, infamous among enthusiasts of embedded systems, is getting more units added to its lineup. Today they announced the readiness EPIA NR series of Nano-ITX boards, which are centered around a 1GHz C7 processor and the newer CX700 media processor.

The new board is very small, measuring just 12cm square, and likely it will soon earn a home with many embedded PC projects. The board sports a host of onboard features as you'd expect from the EPIA line, including the capacity to add wireless functionality with an addon module:

Moreover, an extensive I/O set includes broadband Ethernet as well as a mini-PCI port, USB2.0, COM, LPC and Super I/O headers; while WLAN connectivity can be supported through an add-in card for greater flexibility in system design.
In pre-release status only, some boards will be available immediately to a select few, with wider availability expected in august. You can read the full press release at Via's site.