Due to a physical defect in the design of a particular camera, Sony will be recalling a huge chunk of 416,000 units. In particular, the Cyber Shot DSC-T5, while not "defective", has a design flaw that can cause warping of the case. Once that occurs, it is said it makes it likely someone using it could cut or scratch their hands.

Rather then face the inevitable lawsuit from someone getting a gash on their hands, Sony has opted to recall all affected models, which includes 416,000 spread across the globe:

The recall affects 350,000 Cyber Shot DSC-T5 cameras sold in the United States, Europe and China, about 66,000 sold in Japan,Sony spokeswoman Ryoko Takagi said.
Interestingly, Sony has known about this "issue" since late 2005, but they opted to delay a recall until now. Likely they initiated it because they began receiving reports of people getting hurt.

The world of recalls is known all to well to Sony, who as you recall spent a huge amount of money and took a huge PR hit over their worldwide battery recall the past few years.