In an update to what we heard earlier in the week, AMD is claiming that the defects they discovered in several Radeon HD models, affecting certain 2400 and 2600 series, will not need a recall. While they do mention that an issue was discovered, they stated that a software fix is capable of addressing the problem and thus can be fixed easily by cooperation with vendors:

AMD emphasized that the problem is not industry wide and that the company had issued a software fix to solve the problem already. AMD pointed out that none of its partners had requested that it recall or replace the actual graphics chips used in the affected cards.
A mere BIOS update corrects the issue, they state, which was alluded to in previous reports. It has also been mentioned that some of these units may already been in the market, which means there may be a very small number of customers that ended up with bad units. If that is the case, a recall would be needed anyway - at least for the units that did make it onto the shelves.

Whether or not AMD should be relying on their vendors to flash a cards BIOS is another question altogether, though Intel is certainly not shy of requiring customers to do so.