The entry-level market is seeing several new entries into the 1333MHz arena, with ECS announcing three new motherboards. The new boards will be based on two chipsets, the Intel G31 and Intel 945GC. All three boards rely on the ICH7 southbridge, and have varying levels of DDR2 support.

They also all feature Intel GMA graphics, with 3100 being available with the G31 based boards and GMA 950 on the 945 board. Interestingly, the description for the P33T-A is "designed for performance users on a budget". They all feature a PCI-E x16 slot for expansion. You can read more about each board, the G31T-M, P33T-A and 945GCT-M2 at the ECS site. The boards are already available at retail, at the typical low ECS prices.