If you were interested in hearing last week's news regarding SCO's court defeat, you may have noticed them getting picked on early this week. Indeed, it seems that not only are the courts are leaning more towards Novell's favor than SCO's, but SCO's investors are getting jumpy and are bailing out.

They are bailing out so quickly that in just a single day that the company's stock hit a 1-year low in the course of a single day:

Investors appear to be bailing on SCO stock, however. At the closing bell, the stock had lost 71 percent of its value over the course of the day, reaching a 52-week low. SCO stock hasn't been a safe bet for a long time, but some investors backed the company in the hopes that its claims would be successful in court.
While SCO has expressed their disappointment and reminded everyone that the fight isn't over yet, it is clear that they are in trouble. Will they continue to fight? At this point you'd think they give up and quit before they bankrupt.