Many years have passed since SCO began ranting about Linux copyrights and began their plethora of lawsuits, most noticeably IBM and Novell. It's been a bad year for them, with a fairly significant loss posted earlier in the year and many legal setbacks.

Now, they are facing one of the biggest setbacks of all. In SCO vs Novell, the courts have made some important decisions regarding SCO's claims, most notably that Novell, not them, own the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights. What's more, it turns out that Novell could pursue SCO for damages, not the other way around. Novell gets to waive the claims against them, IBM and other companies that have been pursued.

It isn't truly game over for SCO yet, but curtains aren't that far off. Perhaps they should have gone back to the drawing board and developed new technologies, rather than trying to make ridiculous lawsuits.