With some of our forum members doing such a great job posting breaking news headlines on the 'News & Interesting links' board, why not giving them a plug first. Great new in-house resource for user-driven news updates and commentary!
Recent headlines include: DDR2-800 Vs DDR3-1333... Why is DDR3 No Faster, Sony's new recycling program, AMD K10 Micro-Architecture. TechSpot OpenBoards.

Lyrics sites out of tune with copyrights: How does that song go? We've all used the Internet to search for the lyrics to songs whose tune we know but whose words we just can't muster. News.com.

First pirated 'Simpsons' movie on the Net tracked to Australian man: The first known pirated copy of "The Simpsons Movie" to make it onto the Internet was tracked to a home raided by Australian police Friday, authorities said. SiliconValley.

The IPhone Is Internet Explorer 4 All Over Again: Iephone Facebook, Netvibes and Meebo all launched new iPhone-optimized versions of their sites this week, and all three of them are very nice. But wasn't one of the promises of the iPhone that it offered "a real web browser?" Wired.

First wave of EA Mac games finally en route to stores: Following a month-long delay, Electronic Arts said Friday that its first wave of games for Apple's Mac OS X operating system are finally in transit to Apple retail stores nationwide. Apple Insider.