Earlier this month, news broke that the hugely popular torrent site Suprnova.org was about to be relaunched thanks to an agreement between the site's original owner Andrej Preston and the MPAA's arch-rival PirateBay. Today, after an almost 3 years-long absence, Suprnova.org is back online:

Suprnova has been down for some years due to some heavy pressure from the copyright lobby. [...] We were going to keep this site a secret until we had finished it, but of course it leaked, that's how internet works. So now that the word is out, we're releasing it! Please consider these first weeks / months as a beta test.
The new Suprnova stays true to its original design and it even adds client-free downloads via a web-based JavaScript applet called BitLet. In conjunction with the relaunch, the Pirate Bay admins announced the launch of the Suprbay forums, spanning both the Pirate Bay and Suprnova. Will Suprnova.org withstand pressure from copyright groups this time around? Surely they were not afraid to send a tantalizing message to what they call 'non-Internet loving companies':

This is how it works. Whatever you sink, we build back up. Whomever you sue, ten new pirates are recruited. Wherever you go, we are already ahead of you. You are the past and the forgotten, we are the internet and the future.