Google has revealed a multi-year advertising deal today in which it will be replacing Yahoo as the exclusive provider for contextually targeted text ads on's pages via its AdSense program.

"By connecting to our valuable base of advertisers, our AdSense program provides an effective and efficient way to monetize quality online content, ultimately benefiting readers, advertisers, and," Marc Leibowitz, Director of strategic partnerships for Google said.
The deal is a blow to Yahoo, which has been an ad partner of for more than three years. What's more, also recently replaced Yahoo as its supplier of Web search and advertising results in favor of Google.

Today's announcement represents only the most recent in a slew of partnerships Google has hooked in the past few years, which includes deals with Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive and Fox Interactive Media's network of web properties. Meanwhile, Yahoo! not too long ago updated and improved its ad-delivery system and has recently signed up, the Philadelphia Inquirer's online home, as an online ad partner.