This week, OCZ has introduced a new line of CPU coolers, adding onto their growing variety of HSFs. Under the name Vanquisher, the new cooling unit uses a 92mm fan and has a compact design. OCZ is aiming it at enthusiasts, just like all their other hardware.

They claim it can dissipate a significant amount of heat, as well as being a low noise solution which is increasingly important:

The efficient heatpipe design moves so much heat that the fin array is able to transfer up to 200 Watts. The Vanquisher also utilizes a unique low speed fan mounted with rubber connectors to effectively decrease vibration and noise, ensuring minimal distractions at your workstation.
Assuming it is efficient enough that would make the cooler sufficient for any modern CPU. It is compatible with all newer sockets, including sockets 754, 939, AM2 and LGA775. You can read the full press release, or take a look at it.