Perhaps for a bit of business consolidation, Intel announced this week that they have decided to sell off certain portions of their business to a partner of theirs. In particular, their "modular communications platforms" business is getting stripped down, such as their ATCA platforms. ATCA is well-known specification in the communications industry, and refers to solutions for carrier-grade communications gear.

RadiSys will be picking up the chunk of Intel business for around $25 Million plus $6.75 million for hardware. Intel's reasoning is pretty much what you'd expect, looking to narrow their focus:

"Intel is sharpening its focus on communications and embedded market segments that are aligned with our core businesses," said Doug Davis, vice president and general manager of Intel's Embedded and Communications Group.
No mention is made if Intel saw their existing ACTA platform as a money pit for them, but I doubt they'd be selling it off if it was performing as expected. You can read the full press release at Intel's site.