Samsung has announced that it has developed what it claims is the industry's first 60nm-class 2Gb DDR2 chip. Compared with 80-nm 2-Gbit DDR2, the new technology delivers data rates of 800 Mb/s, a reported 20% performance boost over its predecessor. In addition, production efficiency will be enhanced by about 40% using the finer 60nm-class process technology, according to Samsung.

The 2Gbit DDR2 device will provide twice as much storage capacity over existing system memory solutions while reducing the number of components used in 1Gb-based memory modules. It also consumes approximately 30 percent less power than a module of the same capacity using 1Gb chips.

The new 60-nm 2Gbit DDR2 chip will be massively produced from later this year. The company is hoping that steady demand for the chip, backed by seasonal factors, will bring its chip business's third-quarter operating profits up from the second quarter after facing a setback due to sharp declines in DRAM prices.